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Here you will find a list of CritterKin projects.  As you will see, we are excited about working with students, teachers and schools to plan and execute project based learning (PBL) programs that allow students to integrate and practice the emotional literacy skills introduced in our books. We believe that it is by giving students the chance to put both their intellectual and emotional skills to work in real world settings that the most effective learning takes place.

CritterKin PBL ranges from simple readings and drawing exercises to full-blown global collaboration. We’re particularly excited about creating projects that express individual student and classroom creativity but can be expanded to share with others.  These larger collaborations teach invaluable lessons about the importance of the individual as well as the power of the group. We hope you’ll be as inspired and excited by our projects as we are and will be in touch to start your own.

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Blogging for Dogs

CritterKin Kindness Mural

Kindness in the Garden

Quilting for Kindness

Nosey News

The Not Perfect Hat Club

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