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Author Jena Ball and Book

Jena Ball is the beloved author and illustrator of the CritterKin book series and an educator on a mission to ignite creativity and help children discover their unique gifts.

Her career as an educator began in Japan where she pioneered a new approach for teaching ESL using interactive storytelling and role play. Since returning the States she has worked as freelance journalist, copywriter and editor, and most recently as a children’s book author.

Her latest book, “The Not Perfect Hat Club,” has been receiving high praise from children and adults alike, and has been used as the basis for a global, multimedia reading, writing and creativity challenge.

Since doing research for “The Not Perfect Hat Club,” and discovering that children as young as first grade believe they need to be perfect, Jena has been on a mission to debunk the myth of perfection through her writing, classroom visits and public speaking. As a recovering perfectionist herself, she lives and breathes this motto, “Perfect is NOT an option, but excellence is!”

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Email: JenaBall@CritterKin.com

Phone: 919-454-9917

Twitter: @Jenaiamorane

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