Q and A with Jena VVSD1
Click HERE or On the Image Above to Watch a Q and A with second and third graders in Illinois

There’s nothing better than talking to kids, and I always make sure to leave some time for them to ask questions. I’ve been asked everything from my age to whether or not I think I was a dog before, so almost nothing fazes me. The one thing they never seem to expect is when I ask a question of my own. It’s only fair, right?

In addition to in-person and virtual visits via GHO Skype, I’ve done quite a few real-time Twitter chats. Just another way to engage and give kids the chance to practice their writing skills. One hundred and forty characters is a challenge for everyone!

To Schedule Your Own Visit, Contact Me:

Email: JenaBall@CritterKin.com

Phone: (919) 615 – 0666