CKSEL - Corrected Times V4

Questions for the Chat are Below

CritterKin is hosting a Twitter chat as part of this year’s EdCampGlobal entitled, “CritterKin, Kids and Social Emotional Learning.”   To access the chat, type in the hashtag #CKSEL into the search bar on Twitter and you will be taken to the live feed. We will hope to see you at 6:00 am on August 1st. Questions for the chat are below:

Welcome!  Today’s topic focuses on how CritterKin (animal family) can be used to foster emotional literacy skills (SEL). #CKSEL

Introductions: Please share your name, location & 1 thing your CritterKin (animal family) has taught you about SEL. #CKSEL

Q1: SEL is often described as teaching “soft skills.” Are soft skills less important than traditional ones? #CKSEL

Q2: How can cultivating empathy, compassion & kindness contribute 2 enhanced academic & cognitive performance? #CKSEL

Q3: CritterKin uses stories told from dogs’ view 2 explore human behavior. What’re advantages 2 this approach? #CKSEL

Q4: How can story-driven PBL be used to reinforce SEL and empower students to have a voice in the world?#CKSEL

Q5: A central CritterKin theme is that no one is perfect & one size does not fit all? How can we reinforce this in the classroom?

Q6: Share some examples of ways you have brought Social Emotional Learning into your classroom.

Challenge: Give your students a chance to experience SEL with others around the world. Sign up for #NPHCBlogIt