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 Story Quilts are something that I’ve been using for two years now. They give kids a creative way to think about and share their reactions to the CritterKin stories. Stories are a wonderful way to engage the imagination, but it’s important to give kids the space and tools to reflect on and integrate their experiences.

Enter the Story Quilt

CritterKin Story Quilts – also known as Kindness Quilts – center around the story of a misunderstood pit bull named Lance and his best friend Reny. Together they tackle a wide range of issues – feeling different, making mistakes, prejudice, fear and bullies – with the help of family, friends and other talented canines.  The purpose of the quilt is to give the kids the space and tools to respond to those issues by creating and sharing their own stories.

Stories, as we all  know, are how human beings make sense of their world and one another.  The CritterKin Story Quilts give students the opportunity to tell their stories both collaboratively and as individuals (as seen the acrostic poems in the presentation below). We also use a wide range of tools and technology – everything from paper and pencils to blogs, digital drawing programs and video creation apps – to help insure that all kinds of learners have ways to tell their stories.


Peter Acrostic1

CritterKin Acrostic – Peter

To see more of the amazing work being done, by all students enrolled in the “Quilting for Kindness” summer program at Valley View School District, visit the class links below and visit this blog often for updates!

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