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 The Magic of Not Perfect Hats!

 I know, I know that’s an impossibly long title for a blog post, but I couldn’t resist, and it really should have been longer! What do frogs, antennae, ice cream birthday cakes, fake purple hair, colanders, pirates, jelly beans, blueberries , lemons and red apples all have in common? Not Perfect Hats and a wonderfully imaginative, up-for-anything-class of second graders willing to ponder what it means to be “Not Perfect” by creating Not Perfect Hats.

The results of our efforts are pictured above. The amazing thing to me was that every student knew exactly what his or her hat said about his or her personality.  “I’m a birthday kind of girl,” said Amy. “I like tall hats and lots of presents.” Billy said that he liked frogs and blueberries. The connection between the two still isn’t clear to me, but judging by the big grin on his face, it was something funny. Then there was Joshua who drew what looked like a house, but turned out to be a “Hat Jar” for jelly beans (he likes the orange ones best).

All in all, it was a laughter filled hour in which the kids and I discussed everything from why certain colors make us smile and why it’s impossible to be perfect. We also had a lively debate about Joshua’s jelly beans and decided that butterflies should come in shades of aqua marine, hot pink and lime green.  It was quite a visit that left me feeling energized and amazed by the curiosity, creativity and compassion that come so naturally to kids.

It also left me with a question. Instead of trying to “teach” and “test” our kids, why don’t we empower them to explore who and what they want to be? Why don’t we encourage and help them to develop the emotional skills they’ll need to cope in an increasingly complex world? Most important of all, why don’t we allow them to teach us? Let them remind us what it means to be curious, playful and willing to throw our whole hearts into something knowing that no one is perfect and making mistakes is all part of this ongoing process called life?

Many thanks for the learning today kids. To be continued!  – Jena Ball

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