Wiggle Waggle

Watch the Wiggle Waggle

We all need the occasional reminder to be good to ourselves. This is particularly true if you are in a profession like teaching, where you give constantly to others, or are intensely focused on sharing a dream like CritterKin. The work is engaging, demanding and fun, but as the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack or (insert name) a dull boy.”

Last week I was well on my way to becoming a dull girl. I was busily engaged in blogging, Tweeting, reading to classes, posting updates to Facebook and cropping images for the new CritterKin Flipbooks and slideshows. Then two things happened. First, a series of charming photos of socks began appearing in my Twitter, Facebook and email feeds (see below). You have to admit that there’s something delightful about a bunch of feet wearing mismatched socks; or as my niece used to say when she was three, “socks are sillyicious!”

The photos turned out to be part of the “Lots of Socks Campaign” being held to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. This reminded me of my little friend Maggie whose fondness for bright pink tutus and cowboy boots and spontaneous giggles never fails to brighten my day. Maggie is proof that difference is a good thing and should be celebrated. Besides, aren’t we all a little different in one way or another?



My second dose of sillyicious came at the end of a reading to third graders at Bellevue Elementary  in Nebraska. I’d been playing around with the idea of a CritterKin dance for a couple of weeks, but felt a little self conscious. But there was something about those kids – their open smiles and willingness to bark, squeak, whine and howl like the dogs as the story unfolded – that told me they were all in. If I wanted to be silly, they were right there with me.

“How would you guys like to help me figure out my new dance called the CritterKin Wiggle Waggle?” I asked

“YES!” they responded with glee.

The kids and I danced our way through two hilarious rounds of the song, stopping and starting  when I forgot the words or they got tangled in one another’s feet and tumbled to the floor. It was deliciously silly and kept me smiling for the rest of the week. See us Wiggle Waggle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmn7pG8gL5I

So just a reminder to dance, smile, sing  and get a little silly. And if you and your students are interested in doing a little Wiggle Waggling, just drop us a line at JenaBall@CritterKin.com or give me a call: (919) 615-2923.