Lead with Heart and Download 200x229Empathy and pit bulls — what a perfect combination!, March 16, 2014

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This review is from: Lead With Your Heart: A CritterKin Tale (Kindle Edition)

This is a wonderful story about a rescued pit bull named Lance, a loving family who took a chance on him, an amazing teacher of kids and dogs named Jenaia and a really scared woman who learned the truth and overcame real terror to find the bridge over her fear.

This story focuses first on Marshall, the brother, but it’s Reny, the shy, sweet, quirky girl who is often bullied, who steals the show. Lance is her support (burying 1/2 half per pair of her hated shoes), her strength and courage. When she’s bullied at school for her shoes, Ms. Jenaia and the school principal decide it’s a great idea to bring dogs to school. It’s then that her schoolmate’s mother sees that Lance is a pit bull and, in terror, suggests breed-specific laws banning pit bulls. How they used empathy to overcome prejudice and fear is something every kid (and adult) should learn.

This book is about positive reactions to difficult situations, about empathy for people who may seem adversarial, how fear is based on bigotry and ignorance and how bullying — of dogs or children — is never okay. While it may seem like it covers an awful lot of topics, they all blend into a seamless whole and all written appropriately for nearly any age of children to easily grasp and still not come off as oversimplified. This is a book that people should get for children they love and, as I believe that empathy is a topic that should be part of every school’s curriculum, I feel this book would be a very good place to start.

I cannot recommend this enough!