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I’m a Work in Progress

You wouldn’t know it by the way popular media idolizes over achievers, superheroes, and those with “Extreme” lifestyles, but most of us are works in progress. This is particularly true of kids, and it’s important for them to know and celebrate the fact that life is about learning not perfection.

Like kids, the CritterKin mutts are too busy learning to share their toys and negotiate the intricacies of human-canine friendship to be worried about looking like Lassie or winning “Best in Show.” Even more importantly, dogs like Doxie, who have a few “issues” to work out, are a great way for kids to see and experience how challenges are met.

To put it simply, Doxie is a digger. He can’t seem to stop digging up his family’s flower beds and tunneling under the back fence. But the causes of Doxie’s  habit are more complicated, and make for interesting discussions with kids. Why do you think Doxie digs? Do you think he is a bad dog? What do you think is the best way to get him to stop? Do you know anyone with a bad habit? These are just a few of the questions we’ve asked kids after reading them “Meet the Mutts,” and their responses have been both surprising and delightful.

Like Doxie, every dog in “Meet the Mutts” has a story and a lesson to share.  How will Clue’s bossy behavior be handled by the other dogs? Will Lance, a scary looking pit bull mix, make friends and find a home? And how in the world will Ms. Jenaia manage to get a handle on the chaos at the dog park?

We hope you’ll grab a copy of “Meet the Mutts” today and read it with your kids. Explore some of the activities at the end, then let me know your thoughts. We’re committed to making CritterKin not only  fun and engaging, but a great tool for teaching empathy, compassion and respect as well.  Or as Doxie would say, “Wow, Wow, Wow!”

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