Not Perfect Hat Club


A Place for every kid AND Teacher3B

The Not Perfect Hat Club is both a book and a series of programs designed to debunk the myth of perfection and give every participant a place to hang a hat. That means finding, exploring and sharing what makes each person unique, while cultivating kindness, compassion, empathy and an appreciation for  differences through project-based learning.

Since it’s launch in September of 2015, the book has garnered rave reviews and been used as the basis for countless programs and a highly successful global reading and blogging challenge. More than 200 classrooms from 16 countries took part in the six-week program, which gave students the opportunity to meet, discuss topics from the book, share stories and collaborate on creative activities. To learn more about the book, the six-week global event, and activities you can use in your classroom to teach kid the value of being “not perfect,” visit The Not Perfect Hat Club site:

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