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CritterKin’s “Quilting for Kindness” project is creating a wonderful buzz among educators, parents, quilters, museum curators and those intrigued by the confluence of education and technology.  The original six-week project  discussed below was part of the third grade summer reading program at Bellevue Elementary School in Nebraska. Forty-three third graders not only read, discussed and blogged about Lead With Your Heart, the CritterKin book about overcoming prejudice and fear with kindness, but embarked on an incredible creative journey as well. The goal of the project was to give students the opportunity to experience and express kindness while also strengthening their core literacy skills.

The second major iteration of the project took place in Illinois, where six classes of 30 to 35 students gathered once a week to read Lead With Your Heart, work on multimedia storytelling and build their quilts. With more than 150 students participating from second through fifth grades, this was a new and exciting kind of challenge for everyone involved. The skills the students acquired and practiced ranged from reading and drawing to blogging, video making and photography. There were even a few students who went the extra mile and developed projects on their own.  We couldn’t be prouder of the students, teachers and school district for helping us share the CritterKin message in their community.

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Kindness Quilt in Bellevue


Get details, read stories by those who participated in our very first quilt project at Bellevue Elementary School in Nebraska, and see terrific photos of the final event by visiting the links below:

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Kindness, quilting come together for Bellevue School, Sarpy Museum




Moinca Evon - profile

Monica Evon, third grade teacher, Bellevue Elementary School, NE

Read Monica’s wonderful account of the adventure:


Brittany Braasch, third grade teacher, Bellevue Elementary School, NE

Read Brittany’s inspiring story of the project


Youtube TV

Watch the video of the final live event in which the kids put on a one-act play for a global audience

Ann and Kids1

Read Ann Feldman’s Summary of the Program here: http://bit.ly/1kw0P12

Ann Feldman, an Instructional Technology Trainer for Bellevue Public Schools, has written an articulate and compelling summary of the activities, learning objectives addressed (Bellevue Public Schools Essential Objectives, which correlate to Nebraska State Standards) and the emotional skills the students learned and practiced during their three weeks with CritterKin. To quote Feldman, “Freedom in the creation process added student ownership and passion for the project. Teamwork and collaboration are essential… In sharing all of our strengths, students benefit and the process of teaching and learning is joyful.”