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Blog 4 Dogs is a simple idea – bring 2nd 3rd and 4th graders together to talk/ blog about stories and characters they love.

The idea for this experiment in collaborative blogging started with an unnerving conversation with a teacher I like and respect very much. She and her kids had just been put through a very stressful state writing exam that required the kids to not only write on demand but do so under a tight deadline as well. Some of  the kids cried. Others got sick and threw up. A third group simply froze and couldn’t write anything. Those who were able to write did not perform well. This despite the fact that they and their teacher had worked diligently on their writing skills all year. Everyone was upset, particularly the teacher who had to tell her students they had done poorly even though she knew better.

This teacher’s experience got me thinking.  What could we come up with that would not only help the kids master and practice basic writing skills, but enjoy and maybe even fall in love with the the reason we write in the first place – to communicate and share our stories with one another.

The first blogging for dogs project included five classes (2nd through 4th grade) in four states – Illinois, Iowa, Texas and Indiana. If you include the CritterKin team it would be five states (Jena is in North Carolina).

The students did a great job writing  questions and commenting on one another’s blogs. We finished the project with a Google Hangout where we all drew, danced and shared stories.   You can see a video of  the Hangout here:

To see images of the students and their work visit our Pinterest board: