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1. The Story Behind the Not Perfect Hat Club:

2. CritterKin – Our First Year:

3. The very best kind of feedback ever:

4. A message from two Not Perfect Hat Club fans in Australia:

Lead with Your Heart: 

3. CritterKin reading with Erin Preder at JRT:

4. CritterKin Meets Grizzly at Nate Perry – Part I:

5. CritterKin Meets Grizzly at Nate Perry – Part II:

6. Drawing Newton in Hong Kong:

7. CritterKin Reading at Stiles Pointe Elemenary:

8. The end of Ricky Bobby’s Story:

9. Why Not Perfect Hat Club from Educators in Wilmington, NC:

10. Drawing for Kindness:

11. Kindness in Illinois:

12. Lead with Your Heart to Prevent Bullying:

13. Starting the Kindness Quilt:

14. Creating the Nosey News Newspaper:

15. Why CritterKin at JRT with Erin Preder:

16. Not Perfect Hat Club Day at Nate Perry:

17. The Not Perfect Hat Club Story:

18. The Not Perfect Hat Club in Iowa:

19. CritterKin with 3rd graders in Nebraska:

20. Quilting for Kindness – Reading the end of Lead with Your Heart

21. Quliting for Kindness – Part IV:

21. Qulting for Kindness – Play based on Lead with Your Heart

22. Preparing Kids for the Joys of Pet Ownership:

23. Make Music with Your Heart:

24. CritterKin Smiles:

25. Why We Do What We Do: