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The CritterKin series of book and related programs are designed to teach kids social-emotional skills such as empathy, compassion and kindness along with more traditional literacy skills.

Your kids will love the funny, engaging story and delightful characters whose adventures illustrate both the challenges and the gratifying results of admitting and grappling with our imperfections. There are currently three options:

Virtual Visits: Dressed as Ms. Jenaia, the goofy, dog loving character in the CritterKin books, Jena will arrive via her very own virtual room (ZOOM), Skype or a Google Hangout ready to introduce your kids to the CritterKin stories. Each virtual visits consists of an interactive reading, a short discussion, and an art activity designed to help children explore their own inner creativity.

In-person Visits: During the approximately four-hour visit, Jena will do interactive readings and art activities designed to spark discussion about what it means to be not perfect and help students discover what makes them each uniquely special.  She is also available to meet with teachers, answer questions and sign books.

Extended Programs: Designed to immerse your students and teachers in multimedia, story-driven readings and creative activities, these programs give student an opportunity to experience, discuss, reflect on and share their work with others in the classroom and communities around the world. The goal is fourfold:

  • Teach the whole child – heart, body and mind – through a combination of multimedia story-driven projects that develop social-emotional as well as academic skills.
  • Empower each child to find and develop his or her unique abilities through a safe, supportive and collaborative environment that celebrates the process of learning as opposed test scores.
  • Encourage students and teachers to become empathic and adaptive co-travelers in learning.
  • Debunk the myth of perfection so that both students and teacher see errors as opportunities to learn.

For Details About the Three Options Above, Please Contact:

Jena Ball:


Phone: (919) 454-9917