Love from Kids, Parents, Teachers and Pet Lovers Everywhere

 “Thank you for all you do.  This has been so successful with our students!” – Amy Baldridge, Teacher, Valley View School District Summer Enrichment Program, 2015

Really enjoyed providing tech support for the Hangouts with VVSD students/teachers. You are so energetic,engaging, and exciting! Thank you!” – Scott Dillard

“I love the way that your books helped out with one of my students who needed to feel validated in their feelings through the emotions and storylines of your books. He read them all. It made him smile and that makes the sky blue!” – K. Hurd Horst

“The glow on their face, the pride in their eyes – exhilarating. Thank you Jeana and Morgan. You people form a galaxy, all super stars!! Well delivered – not perfect!!” Sebastian Panakal

“Jena Ball is one of those people who you meet rarely in a lifetime. The ones who make a great impact on the way you are as a person. Jena is one of them. Heart of gold, empathetic to the needs of others, a celebrated author and someone whose focus is solely on the child being at the heart of the classroom. I have learnt from her that to make a difference, you have to be the change. Whether it is her stand against standardised testing or her focus on enabling children to be confident, creative learners who are not afraid of failure as part of Critterkin and the Not Perfect Hat Club, she is continuously involved in making education better for everyone. Thank You Jena for showing me that life is all about sharing and caring. That surely is the trick to making the world a better place.”  – Sunny Thakral, The British School in Kathmandu, Nepal

“So Rylee just came in to tell me that what she really, REALLY wants for Xmas more than anything else is books by Jena Ball.” –  Leslie Pralle Keehn

“CritterKin Rocks!”  – Mark E. Weston, Ph.D.

“We had the best day.We had a chat with  (aka author Jena Ball) It was fun .We got to save a dog and draw it.”  -Felisitee, fifth grade student

Thanks. The kids loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it!!! :)”  – Cara Cahill, Fifth grade teacher, Spring Branch Elementary School, Missouri

“CritterKin was really the most enjoyable experience I have ever had in my 17 years as an educator. I wouldn’t change what we did, and I’d do it all over in a heartbeat!” – Erin Preder, head librarian, John R. Tibbott Elementary School, Bolingbrook, Illinois

“You are doing amazing work Jena. These kids are so blessed to have this experience.” – Julie

“Such an awesome morning! Still smiling-Lots of great learning and creativity taking place!Love how Students are 100% engaged! So much fun..reading, writing, and drawing!   Learning at its BEST!” – Monica Evon, Third grade teacher, Bellevue Elementary School, NE

“Amazing Kids Changing the World! Learning at its BEST!” Monica Evon, Third grade teacher, Bellevue Elementary School, NE

“A wonderful experience for all! Students are learning, creating, & having fun!a’ – Brittany Braasch, 4th grade teacher Bellevue Elementary School, NE

“Can’t thank you enough for what you are doing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Christina Luce, Second grade teacher, Nate Perry Elementary School

“Learning to draw with CritterKin’s Jena Ball! Such a fun way to get ready to write!”  – Brittatny Braasch

“End of the yr reflection: “Jena Ball is so kind to connect with kids in elementary classrooms. She inspires a lot of kiddos to read & write” – Marialice Curran

“You are amazing! Smiles & tears! This is the type of community I want for my family=)! Beautiful Teacher Appreciation:  #abrazosfuertes”  – Sylvia Lima, SEL & Parent advocate

“Such a great video! You have definitely made a great impact! Thank you!” – Brad McEachern, Superintendent Warren ISD

“The video is special! RT’ing & sharing on Facebook.”  – Kirsten Wilson

“Oh, yes!!! Thank Goodness It’s Monday! Ready for the adventure!: – Ann Feldman

“Perfect way to do kindness and empathy:” Marialice Curran

“Ss are learning so much about kindness!  Love seeing them applying what they are learning!” – Brittany Braasch, 4th grade teacher, Bellevue Elementary, NE

“Excited it’s Monday! Know why? #critterkin GHO with some of my favs- @JenaiaMorane and @annfeldmann1#ipadacademy #CECougars” – Courtney Smeby, 4th grade teacher Central Elementary, NE

“You did an amazing job & got them in the creative flow! Love to see joyful faces!” – Ann Feldman”

“That was fantastic!” – Erin Preder, Librarian for John R. Tibbot Elementary School

“Maverick is writing a book with the book creator app. He said he is going to publish it and be famous like ms. Jena Ball.” – Daisy Marino, 4th grade teacher, Warren, Texas

“Leaving a trail for others to embark upon! Critterkin is  inspiring our students and forever changing their hearts.” – Angela Moses, 2nd grade teacher, Warren, Tx

“Best thing after testing week??? Skyping with Ms. Jena :)” – Daisy Marino, 4th grade teacher, Warren, TX

“The kids loved Lead with Your Heart.  I’m hoping that we can set up a Skype date soon- we miss hanging out with our CritterKin family! ”  – Nada Noujaim, 2nd grade teacher, CT

“I have been touched from Day 1 and so have our students. I look forward to so much more!” – Angela Moses, 2nd grade teacher, Warren, TX

“Look at how I’ll be spending Swim Team practice! Looking forward to diving into these!” – Erin Preder, School Librarian, Bolingbrook, IL

“Never had students so excited about writing. Thank you CritterKin! My students are writing books and want them published.” – Daisy Marino, 4th grade teacher, Warren, TX

“The teachers LOVED the program!! All day long every time I ran into someone who happened to be in the library during the visit GUSHED about how great it was. I know that the kids loved it because they were so good during the visit. Surprisingly, the group of kids you worked with today is our toughest group of kids in our school. I believe that this program is going to make a difference with them!  You truly are an awesome presenter! You held their attention! I loved how you gave the kids a voice during the story. I know it is hard to get kids to pay attention and letting them get the wiggles out and talk during the story was awesome! I also love how you talk to the kids in a way that they understood what you were explaining to them.

All of the teachers are on board for the next part of the program. What do I need to do to make this happen? Also, I’ve been sending all of the teachers your links that you have been posting on twitter with your work with Daisy. We have an edible garden at school and we are adding a butterfly garden this summer. One of the teachers is very inspired and motivated and  would like to create a mural at our school that will tie in this program with our garden — like  “kindness in the garden.  Thank you again for a wonderful experience! Can’t wait to see what happens next!”  –  Erin Preder, Head Librarian, John R. Tibbot Elementary School

“I must give credit to the truly awesome person who made the book (Miss Jena). She is my animal hero! ” – Moriah, 3rd grader

“We all look forward to Mondays with you! Your laughter is infectious!” – Ann Feldman

“So heartfelt! Jena feels so strongly about #CritterKin and meaning behind it!” Courtney Smeby

“That collective energy fuels passion and purpose!”  – Ann Feldman

“We are building a wonderful relationship! Our Ss are enjoying this journey! Love ya!” – Angela Moses

“TGIM – Thank Goodness It’s Monday! I am so looking forward to starting my week with YOU!   You are a ray of sunshine!
I have a happy group of 4th graders excited for out Google Hangout at 10:00! :-)” – Amm Feldman
“They lit up with happiness as they drew their puppy, Molly!” – Ann Feldman
“That was amazing. Thank you!” – Erin Preder, Librarian, John R. Tibbot Elementary School

“I asked my students to think of someone in our community that helps. Dylan answers, Ms. Jenaia helps others be kind & helps animals!” – Angela Moses

“Love this!!! Great on every level for kids! Listening, Learning and DOING!”

“I love all the smiles, giggles, and joy filling the room as they draw!” – Ann Feldman

“Thanks for the invitation to such a great learning opportunity YOu did a masterful job and I am so glad I was able to see it while it was happening! It makes me wish I was still teaching.”  – James Michael Root

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Google Hangout on Thursday. The kids loved it, especially with enthusiasm and warmth in its  presentation. Hope to “hang out” with you again soon!”    – Debbie

” The Critterkin project has truly been amazing! This project benefits our students on so many levels. Students are able to connect with someone who lives in a different part of the country, a concept that is foreign to many of our students due to limited traveling experience. Teachers are able to integrate artistic creativity in the lessons that will ultimately add to the mural. Most of all, students are actively engaged in lessons focused on compassion and kindness – the overall theme of the Critterkin Series. Thank you Jena Ball for an incredible collaborative project, especially at a time in the year where students and teachers both are feeling spring fever and the stress of state testing.” (Karen Ford – Warren Elementary Assistant Principal)

“My students have been doing journal reflections from our Skype with Jena Ball! Love when my students write from the heart!” – Angela Moses

“Watch for Daisy Marino and Jena Ball this Thursday morning on channels 4 and 6! Can’t wait for the CritterKin visit!” – Brad McEachern, Superintendent, Warren ISD, Warren, TX

“You guys are just awesome! You make me feel so happy like the color yellow – cheery and bright!”  – Ann Feldman, District Technology Trainer, Adjunct Professor

“Yes it was so much fun! What a joy to be part of something so wonderful! #warmedmyheart” – Ann Feldman

“My Students and I loved every minute of it! We had the BEST time! You two are amazing!” Monica Evon, third grade teacher in Nebraska

“We’re loving our new read aloud book! Lance is great!” – Nada Noujaim, 2nd grade teacher, Connecticut

“We loved it!”  – Erin Klein

“Loved dancing with my Students! We had an AWESOME time today!” – Monica Evon, third grade teacher in Nebraska

“Had the BEST afternoon ever! My Ss are still talking about you two! What an important message you taught them!” – Monica Evon, third grade teacher in Nebraska

“”What an awesome way to end our day! You two are a true inspiration! We LOVED every minute. I will post some pictures after school! THANKS!” – Monica Evon,  third grade teacher in Nebraska

“It’s been a blast watching it all unfold.And I can not wait to see our finished product…the mural.” – Daisy Marino, 3rd grade teacher, Warren, Texas

“I saw this today. Pure awesomeness! I couldn’t help but think how lucky your kids are! Thanks for blessing them.” – Tom Connelly

“Jena is inspiring my students through Skype. We are working on a school wide CritterKin collaboration.” – Daisy Marino, 3rd grade teacher, Warren, Texas

“This is awesome! Collaboration and creativity at its best!” – Monica Evon, 3rd grade teacher

Journal Reading Second grader “Lots of hands raised! I’m loving our project!” – Angela Moses

“Thanks a million for the visit. The kids are still talking about it.” – Erin Klein

“A few parents emailed to say thanks!! The kids were so happy.” – Erin Klein

“It was so magical having Jena Ball in class today.” – Erin Klein

” I spoke with my manager yesterday afternoon. She affirmed putting the pictures of the animals on our cages would be a great idea. Thank you for all you are doing and helping to education children about our fine furry friends.” Audine RathbunOffice Admin/Volunteer Coordinator, Humane Society of Southeast Texas

“My class (a graduate class in West Hartford CT) had a great time Skyping with Jena too. I was amazed by how powerful the stories were, and how much they made me feel. I agree with you- I think getting people to think and feel is important, especially when it convinces people to go out and help.” – Alexis

“Jena connected to our class through Google Community last Tuesday. Her and Marty described their work with Ricky Bobby and the rest of the Critterkin pets. The video was sad, but maybe this will inspire others to help our Critterkin friends.” – Jess

“I cried too!My class met Jena too and we loved yelling “Yes, Yes, Yes!” What was your favorite part of the story?” – Mrs. Bedford

“I love Ricky bobby he is cute and I love that little cart he uses. Some times I think it would be fun having Ricky bobby.” – Tate

“Hi! I am a graduate student at the University of Saint Joseph in Hartford, CT! Last week we got to talk to Ms. Jena and Marty about their CritterKin project. We learned so much from them about how they create the characters! Hopefully your class can work to help animals in your community.” – Ms. Brady

“Jena ball is a great author. She wrote the book Ricky Bobby.  Ricky Bobby is based on a true story.  The whole class skyped her.  We are going to continue to Skype her.  We got to listen to the story Ricky Bobby from the TV.  On U tube we watched a video.  One way we can help is to donate to the shelter. We need everybodys help!” – Emily

“I met a author yesterday.  She is awesome.  She read a story to us.  It was Ricky Bobby.  It was fun!” – Harrison

“Jena Ball, I thought the book you wrote about Ricky Bobby was amazing.  Skypeing with you was astonishing to me.  My mom was amazed.  I loved Skypeing with you.” – Elyssa

“Ricky bobby made me cry when we skyped  with you! I felt so sorry for him.  Did you cry? Was it hard to see that poor animal on Youtube!  How did you get inspired  to write about Ricky Bobby?” – Hannah

“Ricky bobby is a dog that will make you cry. but everybody knows he in good hands now.” – Tate “I feel so bad for him but I am happy that they helped him! ” – Paige