Meet the Mutts

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About Meet the Mutts

Welcome to the wonderful world of mixed breed mutts where 8 goofy dogs embark on adventures full of teachable moments that include everything from avocados, muffins and hots dogs to the importance of training your person.

Each of the 8 mutts has been lovingly illustrated by Jena Ball (the writer and illustrator of the books) and is loosely based on a “real life” dog (see bios below).  All the dogs have distinct looks, voices and challenges to overcome, giving kids the chance to see and experience life through their eyes.

Meet the Mutts consists of 10 chapters (divided into 5 sections or themes) with an innovative “Exploration and Activity Guide” at the end. The guide includes everything from more traditional activities such as Q&A and discussion sections to more creative approaches such as vocalizations, role playing, and art projects.

Kids who have experienced CritterKin reading and activity sessions naturally make the leap from the dogs’ lives to their own, asking great questions and offering to share experiences of their own.

We think you’ll quickly understand why kids agree with Doxie when he says “Meet the Mutts” is “Wow, Wow,Wow!”


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