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When I first heard about the dogs being left at the garbage dump in Cozumel, Mexico I was horrified. Then the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) introduced me to the people who were saving those dogs lives and I realized there was a story that needed to be told. It is a heartbreaking story, to be sure. No one likes to think of dogs being left at a dump, but for every act of abandonment there has been an equally compelling act of kindness and courage, often by those in desperate straits themselves.

Poco a Poco is based on actual events and was written to support the IFAW’s new “Cats, Dogs and Us” program, designed to educate people worldwide about the unique relationship between human beings and their pets. I hope you will get your free copy today and help spread the word about how best to care for our furry friends.  To get your Free copy, click HERE.