WIS and Dates

Creating a Global Network of
Connected, Colorful Educators in a Black and White World

 Historically, the world of education has been dominated by black-and-white, either-or-thinking. A student passes or fails, is an overachiever or an underachiever, is gifted or has special needs. The problem with this all-or-nothing thinking is that it polarizes and focuses us on what divides rather than what unites us.

Happily, as educators begin to reach outside their individual classrooms, schools and countries to connect with colleagues around the world, we are discovering that differences are to be embraced, explored and celebrated. As many of us like to say, “We are better together.”

 This week CritterKin will be co-moderating the #WhatIsSchool education chat where we will focus on the benefits of and strategies for creating a global network of connected educators whose many and diverse ways of seeing and being in the world are laying the foundation for positive change.

 We hope that we will be joined not only by educators but by businesses, organizations, government agencies, parents and anyone else who  understands that we all have a stake in what and how we teach our children.


 Welcome to #WhatisSchool Today we’re discussing what it takes to build a global education community and what it might look like.

Introductions: Please tell us who and where you are, and how you got into education.

Q1: How has education changed since you first started teaching and where do you see it heading?

Q2: If a globally connected network of educators appeals to you, tell us why. If not, tell us why not.

Q3: What are some themes or topics of interest you hear all educators talking about?

Q4: Why is it so important to share successes, failure and everything in between as we build our global network?

Q5:  How can student voices be woven into the the discussion? What role should students play in the process?

Q6: Give us one example of a colorful, global project that includes learning from success, failure and diversity.

Challenge: Share an idea or project you’re excited about & tell us how we can help. DM Jena to be added to our discussion group on Slack.