I feel often that we don’t have the right language to talk about emotions in disasters. Everyone is on edge, of course, but it also pulls people away from a lot of trivial anxieties and past and future concerns and gratuitous preoccupations that we have, and refocuses us in a very intense way… In some ways, people behave better than in ordinary life and in some disasters people find [out about] the meaningful role of deep social connections and see their absence in everyday life.”   – Rebecca Solnit, author of A Paradise Built in Hell

Rebecca’s Solnit’s quote describes beautifully what we’ve been seeing and hearing as the educators we’ve come to know and respect as friends and colleagues in Nepal respond with courage, generosity and resilience to the devastating earthquake that hit their country last Saturday.

Like many of you, we at CritterKin and PledgeCents wanted to find a way to help support the work that will need to be done to rebuild the schools and support the teachers and children as they recover from the physical and psychological effects of the disaster. We also see this as a wonderful opportunity to bring our global education network together – to remind one another that we are not only better together but responsible for supporting and cheering one another on as well.

Our #Bridge2Nepal crowdfunding campaign is LIVE!  Visit: and help us rebuild the schools of Nepal one brick at a time.


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