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CritterKin followers are seeing and hearing a lot about out latest project The Not Perfect Hat Club, including requests for you to “Become a Fan.”

The Not Perfect Hat Club is our way of helping students and teachers reimagine their approach to learning. Instead of holding up a daunting list of performance standards, we’re suggesting we focus on the process of learning – on discovering and empowering each child to find his/her unique capabilities. This can only be accomplished when we acknowledge that perfection is not an option, everyone is perfectly not perfect,  and that failure has a much to teach us as success.

What’s a Pubslush?

Pubslush is a pre-publication platform that offers crowdfunding and pre-order options for authors and publishers.  We have launched a campaign on this platform to do four things:

  • Build a robust community of educators committed to the belief that we are all perfectly not perfect;
  • Acquire the funding required to finish writing and illustrating the book and produce creative materials for use by teachers and kids;
  • Market and promote The Not Perfect Hat Club book and project; and
  • Make The Not Perfect Hat Club support materials readily available for digital download.

Becoming a Fan

Becoming a fan does NOT require you to give money. In fact, as several of our supporters have already discovered, you can’t give us money yet!  By hitting the “Become a Fan” button you are simply saying you believe in what we are trying to accomplish. The more fans we have the easier it will be for us to ask for financial support when the crowdfunding part of the campaign begins in January.

So…please consider letting us know that The Not Perfect Hat Club concept resonates for you by becoming a fan:

On that page you will be able to read the first chapter of the book and take a look at some of the terrific rewards we’ll be offering folks when the campaign launches. There are more coming (such as signed prints of the original art being produced for the book), but we’d love to hear what  kind of rewards you’d like to see.

Thank you for helping us make The Not Perfect Hat Club a reality!