Perfect Not an Option1

Meet Newton. The main character in CritterKin’s newest book, “The Not Perfect Hat Club” due out in the new year.  As plans for the book launch get underway, we’d like to introduce to the idea of what it means to be “Not Perfect” and invite you and your kids to become members of the Not Perfect Hat Club. After all, no one’s perfect and there are so many wonderful things to be learned when we stop worrying about getting things “right” and focus on exploring things that pique our interest and inspire us to grow and learn.

To become a Fan part of the campaign to create the book and get cool stuff (like CritterKin original art, special edition copies of book and CritterKin badges) please go to:

To learn more about the book and related project based learning go here:

To become a member, simply email Jena a phot and we’ll post here:

As you can see, you are in good company 😉