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CritterKin and Delaware Elementary Article 

CritterKin has partnered with the fourth graders and their teachers (Jennifer Houlette, Julie Campbell and Kendra Carlson) at Delaware Elementary School in Iowa to produce a new kind of newspaper focused on kindness. Entitled “The Des Moines Doggy Daily: News with a “Canine Twist!” the project is designed to teach not only reading, writing, vocabulary and collaboration skills, but emotional literacy as well. The work the students are doing to create articles for the paper and collect food, bedding and toys for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, is generating a lot of excitement in the community. Read all about it in this wonderful article from the Altoona Herald.

Highlights below:

“About a year ago Ball began a program called the “Be Kind Initiative,” which took the CritterKin series and expanded it to help implement projects like, The Des Moines Doggy Daily, into classrooms nationwide to give kids a chance to not only read and write, but experience and practice emotional literacy.”

“It’s not an old-fashioned sit-and-read: the author is connected to the kids from Google’s video-sharing technology called Google Hangouts, which allows her to talk, interact, share and record the sessions with the students from her residence in North Carolina.”

“We’re teaching them to be kind to animals, which is teaching them to be kind to one another,” she said.

Stay tuned for updates as the newspaper gets closer to publication!