Photos from visits to classrooms across North America that gave us a giggle, touched our hearts, or made us pause and think. Enjoy!

Lead with Your Heart1

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Meet one of Erin Preder’s terrific students at John R. Tibbott Elementary School in Illinois. She and her classmates have been reading “Lead With Your Heart” and learning about kindness and empathy with Ms. Jenaia through stories, drawing, writing and storytelling of their own. Well done!


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Meet Admiral, an admirably #NotPerfect member of the CritterKin #NotPerfect Hat Club. Admiral is a rescue dog whose person is a champion of all breeds, but Great Danes and Pit Bulls in particular. Admiral regularly dons a variety of hats and appears at adoption and donation events to spread the word about the importance of kindness and empathy. Way to go Admiral!

Click HERE to learn more about the 4th graders’ newspaper and donation campaign

So proud of the 75 fourth graders at Delaware Elementary School in Iowa who are not only creating a newspaper about kindness, but have launched a donation campaign to collect much needed supplies for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa as well. Great work kiddos! We can hardly wait to see the newspaper!