Des Moines Doggy Daily-Color and Words

Have you ever thought about what doesn’t make the news? From a dog’s perspective, there isn’t a lot to recommend the TV news programs, or even the printed newspapers. Most of what makes headlines has to do with tragedies, fights and environmental disasters. If an animal appears it’s usually in a story about the bad behavior of a human being (puppy mills, dog fighting and abandonment), with the occasional heartwarming story of a rescue or medical breakthrough. The reality is much more complex, and from our perspective newsworthy. Therefore, the CritterKin mutts – in collaboration with the wonderfully creative 4th graders in Jennifer Houlette, Kendra Carlson, and Julie Campbells’ classes in Iowa – have decided to create a different sort of newspaper. Based on the characters and themes in the third CritterKin book, Lead With Your Heart, the paper will cover stories about kindness, empathy and respect in the school’s community.  It will include editorials written from the perspective of canines, reported pieces about dog related events in the community, and interviews with the terrific people running the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines. The kids will also be reviewing Lead With Your Heart, taking photos, and drawing portraits of pit bulls available for adoption. An online version of The Des Moines Doggy Daily is planned so we can share and compare our adventures with students and schools around the world. The kids have already named their paper The Des Moines Doggy Daily, created a logo (see image above), and are blogging about the process. The students, teachers and mutts working on the paper would love to hear your thoughts, questions and ideas for how we might make our paper even more awesome. Please feel free to comment and follow this blog (link on the right under “Join the CritterKin Pack”) to be kept abreast of our progress. Better yet, get in touch with CritterKin to start your own Nosey News and help us launch a new kind of reporting focused on stories about caring, kindness and belly rubs!

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