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Daisy & Ms. Jenaia in front of the “Start with the Heart Kindness Mural”

Daisy Marino is the first to admit that certain things terrify her – public speaking,  being pushed to try new things,  and interviews with TV news anchors.  Fortunately, fear has never stopped Daisy from jumping feet first into new challenges. Better yet, she is willing to share the ups and downs of her process, thereby serving as a role model and inspiration for others. Her secret? Don’t let fear stop you and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We love that Daisy once said that she would NEVER ( yes all in caps) get a Twitter account. She should have known that the moment she said “never” the universe would conspire to make sure the opposite happened. Her school superintendent, Brad McEachern, created an account for her, pushed her to start tweeting, and the rest is history. Some other things Daisy never thought she’d be doing? Creating augmented reality videos, Skyping with other educators around the world, and signing autographs for her students.

The CritterKin team first met Daisy and her good friend and colleague Angela Moses in a Twitter chat. It wasn’t long before we were plotting and planning to bring the CritterKin Mutts to Warren, Texas. The story of how the collaboration blossomed from a single reading at Family Reading Night into the “Start with the Heart Kindness Mural,” is chronicled in the slideshow and links below.

Students in pre-K through 5th grade, with help from high school volunteers, contributed to the project, practicing not only kindness but important literacy skills such as reading, writing, vocabulary and math as well. All in all, the project was a great success – teaching students invaluable emotional skills and resulting in a beautiful work of art everyone can be proud of.  Bravo!

Start with the Hearthttp://www.pinterest.com/critterkin/start-with-the-heart-wes/

Daisy’s Individual Classhttp://www.pinterest.com/critterkin/critterkin-warren-ms-daisy/

Angela Moses’s Classhttp://www.pinterest.com/critterkin/critterkin-and-second-grade-warren-isd/

Teach from the Hearthttp://staartechers.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/teach-from-the-heart/

Skyping with an Authorhttp://staartechers.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/skyping-with-an-author/

CritterKin Collaboration: http://staartechers.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/critterkin-collaboration-campus-community/

Videos by Angela Moses

LWYH: http://animoto.com/play/eW5cM5cTmojxmmqeWfXxdQ

Kindness Pledge: http://animoto.com/play/lQWbfaD7EeeYnmVkXJksgg

Ms. Jenaia’s Visit: http://animoto.com/play/MdThJN1m8ilHlk4GUNn6kg

2nd Graders: http://animoto.com/play/J4OOrOEO3eoKKQgE1as0dQ

Family Reading Night: http://animoto.com/play/AH6Gca3gRyOjYwumnujJVg

CritterKin is proud to celebrate Daisy and other connected, caring and creative educators like her who are working with us to make kindness a reality in schools everywhere.