Quilt in Chalk1

As part of the grand finale of the third grade summer reading program at Bellevue Elementary School the kids are putting on a one-act play based on the last chapter of the CritterKin book they read. The play will be performed live in the school gym and streamed via a Google Hangout. This is something you don’t want to miss: https://plus.google.com/events/chst5ksdn7b5iv1rn6eb3be21to

The paragraph above doesn’t begin to describe all the kids accomplished in our three short weeks together. In addition to reading the book they blogged, drew dogs, chose fabrics, cut out patterns, wrote poetry, took photos, made videos and collaborated on putting not one but TWO quilts together. AND, even as we speak, they are creating a chalk version of the quilt  to share with folks as they arrive to watch their one-act play!

Below is the program for the play and a copy of the Certifiicate of Achievement each  student received. As the certificate says, they and their teachers have been PAWS-itively wonderful!



CritterKin Certificate NE1