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CritterKin’s “Quilting for Kindness” project is officially complete in Bellevue, Nebraska but in many ways it is just getting started. The three quilts the kids produced (fabric, paper and chalk) will now be displayed at the Sarpy Historical Museum, and we are being contacted by other teachers and schools across the country about doing a similar program in their classrooms.  To understand what all the excitement is about,  it helps to see what these amazing 43 third graders accomplished in just three weeks!


Lead with Heart 200x252


 They read, discussed & blogged about Lead With Your Heart


C is for Caring500x400


They created kindness hearts (the basis for the center of the quilt) and then used the words they chose to make acrostic poems


First Word Chosen:



Led by Ms. Jenaia they did a series of art projects to help them design their individual pieces of the quilt


Drawing hearts filled with kind words:


Tracing letters and cutting them out of fabric:


Drawing dogs for the paper quilt:


Cutting silhouettes of dogs out of fabric:




With a script prepared by Ms. Jenaia they enacted the last chapter of the book Lead With Your Heart as a one act play


Reading and choosing their parts:


Meeting with actor, Jonathan Keltz, for tips:


NE - Chalk quilt4


 Created a chalk drawing of the completed quilt


Individual pieces of the quilt recreated by each child #1:


Individual pieces of the quilt recreated by each child #2:



Quilting for Kindness Card Invitation600x450


Performed the play in front of a live audience at the school and via GHO:






At the end of their performance, the kids each received a CritterKin Certificate of Achievement and a standing ovation from the parents, teachers and community members who were present.


Read What the Two Teachers Have to Say About the Project



Brittany Braasch: A CritterKin Summer Adventure

“A wonderful experience for all! Students are learning, creating, & having fun!a’ – Brittany Braasch



Moinca Evon - profile

Monica Evon

“This was such an awesome experience! All of us are still smiling. Lots of great learning and creativity took place! I love  how our students were 100% engaged!  They had SO much fun reading, writing and drawing!   This is learning at its BEST!”      – Monica Evon

Quote from Monica1

Read Monica’s wonderful account of our adventure:
Youtube TV


We hope that you will all watch the video made of the kids performing the play and take a moment to congratulate the wonderful teachers and students involved in the “CritterKin Quilting for Kindness” project  by leaving a comment here or on the YouTube page.


Interested in Doing  a  CritterKin Kindness Quilt at Your School?


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