Pet Life Radio2True confessions – I love radio. It’s this wonderful combination of words and sound that invites you to close your eyes and listen with your imagination.  Does the person with the rough, smoky voice have a weathered lined face? How about the smile of the author with the bubbly laugh or the eyes of the super-articulate, never- misses-a-beat activist? By the time an interview is over, I’ve created a whole person from the cloth of his/her voice. It’s almost disappointing to Google their names and see actual photos.

The only thing I enjoy more than listening to people who interest me on the radio, is being interviewed myself, which is why I was pleased to be invited to speak with Keith Sanderson on his radio program, “Awesome Animal Advocates.” Keith is owned by a black Labrador named Max and is passionate about the positive role animals can play in our lives.  Max, for example, is on a mission to retrieve and recycle plastic water bottles, which keeps him busy on their daily walks.

Keith and I quickly settled into “conversation mode,” which means we dared to go off script and follow the threads of our discussion into interesting new territory. Why did I think the CritterKin mutts and their stories have such an important role to play in education? Why do we emphasize empathy and kindness, and what is the best way to teach those qualities to kids? How did we get involved with IFAW? And of course my favorite question of all, “How did you come up with the eight CritterKin mutts?”

If you’re curious about the answers, or would simply enjoy listening to an articulate conversation about how a goofy pack of mixed breed mutts is on a mission to change the world, pull up a chair, get comfortable and click on the link below.  Just don’t cheat and Google my name until after the show.


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