Ricky Bobby real and illustrated Version2 1000x300Who Rescues Who?

Chapter 8 of the latest CritterKin book, “Meet the Mutts,”  is about a tiny black and tan dachshund named Ricky Bobby who was rescued from a puppy mill. He is loosely based on an actual dog who now lives with my friend Megan Bliss. Megan has been commended time and again for her kindness in adopting Ricky Bobby (and rightly so), but you have only to see how being involved in his rehabilitation and efforts to educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills has enriched and broadened her life.

My point, of course, is that animals give as much as they take. They are emotional teachers and touchstones. Stories about and by them are not only fun (each of the mutts has some quirky personality traits), but give kids an important glimpse into other ways of seeing and being in the world. And every time I read Ricky Bobby’s story to them I am struck by the insightful questions they ask and how quickly they relate his challenges to their own.

There’s also an “Exploration” guide at the back of “Meet the Mutts” that’s my way of saying, “Let’s play and learn together!” I hope you’ll grab a copy of the book for your kids, read it to them, and dive into the art projects and role playing exercises. Let me know what works, and any additional ideas you may have for making the CritterKin pack not only  fun and engaging, but a great tool for teaching empathy, compassion and respect as well. Or as Ricky Bobby would say, “I wanna go fast!”

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